Using content marketing for sustainable social contribution



We are proud to announce the launch of Ahab Content Solutions, we will be celebrating with our first round of account acquisitions. The journey begins in the city with the highest volunteer rate in the US, the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Ahab is a content creation company, striving to become a public benefit corporation or “b corp”.

Using modern marketing techniques, Ahab is offering content creation services to nonprofit organizations,  so that they may maximize their social outreach to possible volunteers, donors and other people in need of their services.  In exchange, we ask for networking aid to reach our target clients in a more efficient and personal way.

We believe that directly linking our lead generation strategy to our potential for social contribution, is a cost-efficient way to ensure that the company stays true to its values and goals while maintaining healthy financial growth.

All of the progress that has been made in communication technology allows us to work with employees located in economically weak sectors of the world, presenting them and their communities with real opportunities for professional and economical growth.

It’s a duty for public benefit corporations to be the competition of companies that take unfair advantage of employees stuck in economically critical sectors of the world. With the inherent transparency and accountability of public benefit corporations, it is actually possible to take advantage of the differences in living expenses while still allowing employees a decent living and real professional development possibilities.

“Let us take your story across an ocean of content”


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